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Soul Experiences by Vistara Students

Wendy Anne

"The Journey of Healing is not about fixing what has been broken...

'Remembering'  - Wendy Anne

... for you have never been any less than a whole person - a whole soul - unbroken and unfragmented. Healing becomes necessary, however, when challenges, conditioning, turmoil, and pain cause us to feel disconnected from our true selves. We may feel stuck, blocked, or dulled from our own lives. We may have emotional or physical symptoms - pain, anxiety, stress. We may feel like we no longer know who we are. We come to a point where we feel like we lack knowledge on how to find ourselves and our purpose.
This is where the sacred mediums come into play. The sacred mediums are forms of wisdom; wisdom from our ancestors, from nature, from our inner child, from the divine. They are what we have forgotten about ourselves. About our greater connections. The sacred mediums are an invitation, like a candle on the windowsill. They invite you to explore, learn, create, remember, and know. The more you engage with them, the more you remember until you have that deep remembering, that spark - that "aha" moment and you reconnect to that part of yourself you thought was lost. This is why it is an "aha" moment. It isn't learning something new. You say "aha" because you recognize it - you remember, and it all comes flooding back."
This is Who I Am.  - Wendy Anne

"The sacred mediums communicate with us on multiple levels."

"They communicate and resonate with our energy bodies, and it is in our energy bodies where we store old emotional patterns, traumas, and experiences:
The sacred mediums connect with our inner child, allowing them the space to release pain and to experience joy, play, and wonder again.
The sacred mediums connect with, and bring healing and ease to, the deepest, most pure part of us - our essence, our Spirit bodies.
The sacred mediums are a divine language because they communicate with all our senses. They aren't limited in any way. Most importantly, they allow us to reconnect with our most important sense - our inner wisdom. That sixth sense we are all born with but we often lose touch with."
- Lara F.

"We were born to create."

"Every sacred medium is an avenue to creating, discovering our creative self, to returning to and remembering our inner child that spent the day creating. Whether it be art, music, movement, creation of remembering or expanding through sacred wisdom, creating through drumming, cooking, or storytelling...all sacred mediums offer an opportunity to return to what we were created to do - and that is to create." Amanda B.

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