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Practitioner of the Healing Arts

 The Vistara practitioner journey is for those individuals currently participating in Vistara experiences and those finding us for the first time.This pathway offers a structure to help students reveal or expand their unique gifts and avenues of service. You may discover a deep desire to give back and serve your community, and this pathway allows you to do that. It also allows you to simply learn and grow personally in your current gifts and service, if that is your desire. This structure is called Vistara Circles of Learning. Each circle has one or more of the following aspects: Personal Healing, Foundational Studies, Exploration, Apprenticeship and Embodiment.  Students meet with their mentor, and through a guided meditation, reveal their first circle. Circles are living and breathing structures designed to expand with the student -  so much so, over the course of doing several circles, the structure falls away as practitioners naturally embody the experience and easily follow Divine guidance.  Some of these students may choose to serve in Vistara as facilitators and may lead regular classes, experiences and retreats. 

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