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The Vistara School of Inner Wisdom is for anyone . . .

who is on the path of expanding consciousness, who is on the path towards healing, who is on the path to remembering their inner light. Whether your pathway is leading you on a soul journey or uncovering your inner practitioner, we are here to serve in the highest good for all. It is our intention to be here to support your expansion by providing space for individuals to explore, remember, and expand your Soul's wisdom.

Just as a tree needs nourishment to grow, so do we. Without it, we may feel blocked, stunted, lost or seeking purpose. We ask ourselves "What makes us feel alive? Is there anything blocking my joy and freedom?" "Do I feel called to serve others or expand my current healing practice?" Vistara seeks to help you answer those questions and callings.


Vistara Pathways

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Soul Expansion for Individuals

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Practitioner of the Healing Arts

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