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The Divine guidance for The Vistara School of Inner Wisdom is to serve the highest good for all. That was it, to simply serve from a pure, sacred place of Divine Love. We are heart-centered while honoring the intellectual aspects of our Earthly experience. We have found that the mind sometimes holds the key to emotional safety, so, therefore, we serve the mind. When the mind is satisfied, or if the heart is already opened, one can easily uncover and embody the soul's wisdom.  Just like our name, Vistara in ancient Sanskrit means expanding or expansion.  Therefore, if we break up the word, Vista - I see, Stara - I feel - Vistara - I am! 



We believe everyone has within themselves sacred soul wisdom - and when embodied, this inner wisdom facilitates healing, remembering, and the mystical blueprint of your personal and universal expanding consciousness.  Vistara is simply here to help access this Divine inner wisdom for those seeking healing or spiritual exploration.  Others may feel a deep calling to expand upon or to uncover their unique gifts to serve others.  


We work as one with Earth’s Sacred Mediums of visual arts, expressive arts, nature, music, movement, sacred wisdom practices and metaphysics to create immersive experiences that nourish the soul -. Nourishment is the cause and healing and expansion are the effects.

The Sacred Mediums

Vistara branch schools stem from one glorious tree - the tree of wisdom. The branches are the Divine languages, sacred playgrounds, creative mediums, consciousness initiators, and sparks on the Earth, all reflecting our Truth. 


The seven sacred branches are: 


Visual and Creative Arts

Storytelling and Literary Arts


Ancient Wisdom and Sacred Practices

Sound, Vibration, and Music

Holistic Wellness and Movement 

Global Focus Today
Interview with Dr.Laura Mock

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