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Silent retreats are for those seeking an inner sanctuary removed from all outside distractions.  Silence is Divine. When the sacred silence is embraced in nature, our body, mind, and soul align to the Earth's rhythm - the music of the Divine.  We rediscover and remember our natural flow and are guided to sleep, eat, read, walk, write, paint, draw, meditate, and commune in nature as our inner knowingness calls forth. 


Silent retreats invite us back home to our Divine birthright of wholeness.  Welcome home, dear ones!

All retreat guests enjoy a cozy private cabin, freedom to walk and commune in nature, and an invitation to join in silence for sacred silence and meditation in the mornings and evenings, and are welcome to take a to-go plate of nurturing food to enjoy in your cabin.

Suggested donation for silent retreat is $75 per night.

Silent Retreat

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