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The Main House

The Main House is available for you between the hours of 8 am to 8 pm. There is a ramp at the back for wheelchair access and a wide front porch for sitting and conversation. There is a bathroom for guests to use with a walk in shower, flushing toilet, and sink. You will have a private drawer for storing your toiletries. All towels are provided. 

At the front of the house is the meditation/prayer/gathering room which is open in the mornings and evenings (refer to your schedule for times)

Next to the kitchen is a library room for reading and writing. Double doors can be opened on nice days to let in the fresh air and the sounds of the cascading water. 

Just off the library is an expansive deck with tables, chairs, and umbrellas. Outdoor meals could not have a better spot. The waterfall provides a wonderful sound and energy for just relaxing on the deck. 

Fresh coffee and tea will be made in the morning for you. You may wish to take it out on the deck, to the bridge, on the grounds, or back to your cabin for quiet reflection time. Thermoses are available for you to bring an extra cup back with you. 

The Dining Room is where indoor meals are served - lunch and dinner are provided for you, lovingly prepared and shared together. If you are taking a silent retreat or wish to have some quieter mealtimes you are welcome to bring the meals back to your cabin. When not being used for dining, the room becomes a studio where you may wish to take a class such as SoulCollage, Write to Take Flight, or many other offerings. If you are deciding on a sacred session or sound healing the meditation room may be used for those sessions. 

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