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If you seek solace from a busy world, searching for a deeper spiritual connection, or longing to see The Divine through a sacred landscape of nature, The Quiet Place supports your soul’s journey. We are here to nurture you as you remember and celebrate your birthright of Divine Light and Love. 


As Cecilia says, there are many doors that lead to the same place. Therefore, we are here to support your journey that best aligns with your soul’s wisdom. Some guests may enjoy spending their private time in nature, while others stay in their cabin, reading and receiving much-needed rest. All guests are invited to our lunch and dinner table in the Main House or outside on the deck if the weather is nice. Lastly, we would be honored for guests to join us during sacred silence and meditation in the morning and evening in the prayer room.


Once your retreat is confirmed, we will send you more details about your stay, our amenities, and other important information. Again, we are honored to welcome you to The Quiet Place.

Suggested donation for a Personal Retreat is $75 per night.

Personal Retreat

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