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The Divine has a language, and it is all around us—nature, visual art, poetry, storytelling, music, dance etc. As we are One with the Divine, it must also dwell within us - our inner child, who often needs permission to play and explore these sacred mediums. When we immerse ourselves in this language, our heart opens and our Truth—our Divine Truth of Love and Light is reflected back to us as us!  We heal by remembering who we are!  The freedom to create from our heart center is the Divine cause, and natural healing is the Divine effect. 


Vistara Immersive retreats nurture and help you discover the Divine within through creative expression in nature and the arts. While still allowing for time for your own personal retreat, an immersive retreat will have experiences for you to participate in. These experiences are lovingly planned and taught by different Vistara Practitioners so each immersive experience will vary depending on the hosts. Examples of immersive experiences could include sound and energy healing, learning to cook from foraged edibles and local or indigenous ingredients, going on a wonder walk and creating a fairy house, reflective and healing writing circles, sacred intuitive sessions, freeing art workshops, SoulCollage, and much more. Reading the Practitioner’s bios will tell you more about them and the healing work they do.

The fee for an immersive retreat varies depending on the number of days and the offerings provided. Over half of those fees go directly back to The Quiet Place.

Immersive Retreat

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