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What Makes a Vistara Class Unique?

We all have a wise inner voice. It is the voice that has always known. It is our Divine memory. Over time, that voice is silenced, tamped down, or altered. Our experiences that shape us can also change that voice so it isn't as clearly heard. We may know when we can no longer hear it. We may say we feel stuck, and disconnected, that we are not living our truest life. That we don't recognize ourselves. We feel lost.

How do we discover our wise inner voice? We feel it is important to become comfortable going inside and entering into a playground of higher consciousness. 

This is what makes a Vistara class unique. We know that the pathway to knowing your Divine self is not a discovery but a recovery. It is a remembering of who you have always been. Vistara provides the space for individuals to explore, play, remember, and expand their soul's wisdom through a variety of sacred practice mediums. These sacred mediums include nature, visual arts, expressive arts and storytelling, moment, music, sacred wisdom practices, and metaphysics.

A class, retreat, or workshop through Vistara offers you the playground to explore these mediums for you to reconnect, recognize, and remember yourself as Divine. When we are free to explore, to be creative, we naturally heal (remember who we are) and from that space, we expand. What feels like healing is simply removing what blocks nourishment and our natural state of joy returns.

We are joyful. We are free. We remember who we are in Divine Truth. When we remember who we are, we naturally expand into the areas that are unique and perfect for us. When we expand and claim our Divine Truth, we better the world around us because we are our authentic selves and inspire others to do the same through our sheer presence of love and light.  

We intend to be here to support you on your path as we celebrate your spark reignited.

My Approach

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