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The Vistara School of Wisdom


Vistara (translates as limitless expansion) is a wisdom school desiring to serve others in unveiling and embodying their inner knowingness and was formed to assist others on their path of remembering and knowing themselves as Light. 

The core purpose is to be a space of unconditional love that honors the healing process and embraces the soul's wisdom through the sacred languages of nature, art, written expression, dance and movement, music, ancient wisdom practices, and metaphysics. 

Vistara programs include the Practitioner of the Healing Arts for facilitators and the Soul Journey Experience for individuals. 

For a deeper look within the philosophy, click here

Who does Vistara Serve?

Those seeking to discover their unique gifts.
Those seeking a loving, mystical community to learn and grow with.
Those seeking respite.
Those seeking healing through the sacred mediums of the Divine Languages.
Those seeking to discover an inner practitioner living inside of them.
Those seeking to explore and to discover their creativity.
Those seeking a sanctuary in a nurturing environment.
Those seeking to explore and expand their consciousness whether personally or professionally (or both!)


The Vistara Pathways

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Soul Journey for Individuals

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Practitioner of the Healing Arts


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We are located in Mooresville, North Carolina, and the surrounding area, as well as in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina at The Quiet Place in Bakersville. We welcome all virtual seekers as well! Love and Light - Always

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